Exploring Precious Metal Recycling: How to Refine Pure Iridium from Waste Materials

In this issue, I will discuss the process of recycling iridium, which includes powder, liquid, and crystal forms containing iridium. Although the iridium content in these materials is not high, don’t underestimate it; every bit is extremely precious. Our goal is to extract iridium from these materials for reuse.
Platinum group metal
The first step in extracting iridium is to separate it from other impurities. We will use some chemical reactions to form soluble compounds of iridium, while the unwanted components are left out of the reaction system. This may sound simple, but in practice, precise control over the reaction conditions is a real challenge.

Next comes the precipitation of iridium. At this stage, we usually add certain chemical reagents that react with the dissolved iridium to form a precipitate. After precipitation, the iridium must undergo drying and calcination processes. Through these steps, we obtain iridium with high purity. With that, our journey of precious metal recycling, specifically iridium recovery, comes to a close.

Finally, I hope that today’s sharing provides you with a deeper understanding of precious metal recycling and iridium recovery.